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A lot of SEO agencies and consultants don’t tell you their strategy for optimising your website. I’m not entirely sure why, there isn’t really a magic formula that can be patent protected. We might have slightly different approaches to things, but SEO is a multi-step process that is much the same as any form of marketing – audit, plan, implement and evaluate.

audit & research

A website audit is the first step in getting your content to the top of Google. Your website provides the foundation in which to present your content in its best light, so there are some technical aspects you need to take care of.

An SEO audit of your website will alert us to any errors or problems that might need fixing, as well as identifying where your website is working well and the scope for improvement.


During this process I’ll also be asking you lots of questions about you, what you do, how you help people, who you help and what you want to achieve from your business.


This gives me the information I need to craft those compelling high-value blog posts and other forms of content that’ll have your target audience, and Google, singing your praises.

Effective keyword research is the key to unlocking high ranking search results

There are a lot of misunderstandings around keyword research, and I freely admit that I got things wrong when I first started out as a business owner and copywriter.


It’s not just how often a search term is entered into Google that you’re looking for here, there’s the user’s intent behind the phrase (are they looking to buy or discover information) and the competition already out there for that keyword too.


Digging deep into keywords and judging their worth is a critical stage in the SEO process. There’s a careful balance to be found between volume, competition and intent, but there will be a sweet spot for your business that’s determined by what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

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A comprehensive SEO strategy is then created for your website

Armed with the information from your website audit, keyword research and the answers you’ve given me about your business and target audience, I’ll create a strategy for improving the technical SEO of your website along with on-page optimisation.


Essentially both the frontend and the backend of your website will have work to do, and I’ll share with you what that is and how it’ll help your SEO score.

Implementing the SEO strategy for front page results

By fixing the technical errors and getting your website working well in terms of functionality and ease of use, you’re heading straight to the top of those Google results. This is a process that takes time and so you won’t get those front page results straight away, but you should notice an increase in traffic and conversions within a few weeks of the changes being made.


If you prefer to implement the changes yourself or outsource to another professional to do the work, that’s not a problem. You’ll get the same strategy and information that I would personally use to improve your website.

Creating a content-based SEO calendar that keeps results consistently high

Fixing your website and implementing technical changes is going to help your website climb the search results rankings but isn’t enough to beat the competition at the top of the front page, for that you need high-value content.


This is where the keyword research really comes into its own.


By embracing what makes you unique as a business and how you help people, I can find the sweet spot with those keywords and find the right search terms for your website.

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Competitor analysis and link building

To keep ahead in the SEO game, you always need a keep a careful eye over the other players. From day one of your SEO campaign, I’ll be running competitor analysis to see how they’re ranking for shared keywords, the tactics they’re using and opportunities they have missed that I can use for your advantage.


One of the aspects of keeping one step ahead of your competition is through an effective link building strategy. I’ll be finding backlink opportunities that’ll add to your website authority and boost your business credibility too.

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Regular SEO reports and strategy analysis

As it takes a while for changes to make an impact on your SEO, I’ll be monitoring things closely and reporting back to you at agreed intervals to share progress and anticipated results. If things aren’t going to plan, I’ll hold my hands up, explain why and tweak the strategy to get things back on track.


So, there you have, I’ve just given you my complete SEO campaign strategy for free. Obviously, you’ll need to populate this with the missing information for your business, but it’s totally doable.


Or, you know, you could save yourself the time and effort and hire me to do it instead, right? You know it makes sense, so drop me a line today.

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