Hi, I’m Zoe.

freelance seo consultant

Photo of Zoe Hughes, SEO consultant in Derby with Zebra Business Solutions

What my SEO skills can do for you

I have experience as a business owner and not just as an employee.


I understand why you need your website to perform well and how to get it there.


I know what your target audience are looking for.


I’m empathic and understanding of you, your business and the needs of your ideal customers. I can put myself into their shoes and think as they would when they look up Google and search for solutions to their problems, and I can use that knowledge to create an SEO strategy that works.


I’m just a down to earth regular girl next door type that tells it as it is. You can expect full transparency, on-demand explanations of any technical jargon and a better performing website. What more could you want?


When I’m not in front of my laptop… scrap that. I’m always in front of the laptop whether it’s working, studying for my second degree (BSc Psychology) or just playing games (hit me up if you enjoy the Sims 3 or Two Point Hospital).

My journey into search engine optimisation

I’ve worn many hats since leaving school. I initially studied theatre at university but didn’t have the confidence compared to my peers to attempt making it into a career (now I understand it’s because of my autism rather than lack of skill, I just see the world differently).


I then retrained as a theatre nurse but burned out in this career due to the undiagnosed Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, it was just too physical for someone with chronic fatigue and dislocating joints to handle!


Knowing that being a freelancer was the right way to go I somehow stumbled across bookkeeping as a career. I mean I’m good with juggling data so it wasn’t difficult but marketing and finding clients was another story. That’s how I came across copywriting and SEO.


I changed to writing website copy but I miss the data (yeah, you can call me a geek). I’m goal oriented and you don’t really get that with copywriting, you just get a thank you and a review if you’re lucky. Few clients share with you how well your sales pages are working or how many views the website is getting thanks to the refreshed copy.


So, I decided to combine both worlds create content as a freelance search engine optimisation consultant. I can set goals, smash them and keep my creative juices flowing!

Picture of hands against a keybord writing a blog for SEO

Why Zebra?

A zebra is the medical term for someone with a rare disease or condition, as medical students are often taught to think horses when they hear hoofbeats (see common symptoms) even though those same symptoms can belong to something rare.


It’s my mission in life to make zebras stand out loud and proud and be noticed straight away. I’m a zebra because I’m an autistic woman and I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, both are actually common conditions but are rarely diagnosed.


It made sense to incorporate zebra and what it stands for into my business. I want business owners to stand out in a marketplace full of hoofbeats and be recognised for what makes them special too, and that’s what Zebra Business Solutions is all about.


Do you want to grow your business?

We can do it together